Trustee Management Committee

For information please find copies of the Charity accounts and trustee report for the period 1st April 16 - 31st March 17, as submitted to the Charity Commission. 

The Trustee Management committee is comprised of parents and people from the community.

Helen Baker – Chair Helen became involved with Forest Pulse over 10 years ago when her son began accessing our activities and she quickly became a trustee of the charity because she felt the services provided by Forest Pulse were very important to her family. She claims to have been press ganged by Pam (she can be very persuasive)! She says ‘I know the services are important to lots of families and I want to help ensure that the charity is around for a long time to come.Everyone has skills needed to help the charity in someway and we have a fantastic team of staff and volunteers but could always do with some more help particularly with fundraising so if anyone has any time to give that would be great.’

Sharon Shirley – Vice Chair Sharon has been a parent member of Forest Pulse for a number of years, and has been a trustee since 2011. Sharon and her family are involved in many things organised by Forest Pulse and she is always hand for invaluable advice and is very passionate about ensuring Forest Pulse provides quality activities that the young people enjoy.

Ian Campbell– Secretary Ian has now joined the committee and will be able to bring a wide range of skills to this role. Ian has been involved in the charity for a few years as his son attends some of our activities.

Philippa Tovey – Treasurer Philippa has been involved with the charity for a few years as a parent member and with some gentle encouragement decided her skill set would be great on the committee.

Ann Parry – Trustees Ann has been involved with the charity for many years and decided to use her knowledge and skills to become a trustee.

Vikki Fellows - Trustee After recently joining the charity for her son to attend our activities, Vikki and her husband decided they would like to offer their time and support to the charity in another way and so joined the management committee.

Natascha Cook - Trustee After recently joining the charity for both her sons to attend our activities, Natascha decided to become one of our trustees. She will bring lots of skills to the role.

If you want to join the Trustee Management Committee please contact Forest Pulse via our contact page>>