We Can Do It.

Forest Pulse has 200 Family Members.
If each family member raised:

£20 a year - £4000 could be spent on our children.

£50 a year - £10000 could be spent on our children.

£100 a year - £20000 could be spent on our children.

Forest Pulse needs your help. We are asking all members who feel they are able, to help raise much needed funds. By hosting your own fundraising event, it will help us at Forest Pulse to continue our dedication in providing help and support to our families. Let's see how long it will take us to reach £500...any activity you do that raise funds for Forest Pulse, let us know and watch the thermometer fill!! February 2017 - £0

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Host your own dinner party. Ask your guest to donate what they think the dinner is worth. Maybe they could return the favour.
  • Sell any unwanted items on e-bay.
  • Host your own bingo night – Ask your guests to donate £1 a strip to win a chocolate prize.
  • Offer your services – for example gardening, ironing or babysitting for a donation.
  • Ask your place of work to host a funny sock day. Work colleagues pay £1 to wear their most humorous socks.
  • Collect your loose change for a year.

Every penny really can make a difference; just £20 could pay for a sports coach or intensive music session. If you are able to help but need assistance, please contact the Forest Pulse Team. Please also pass these suggestions to friends/family members who may like to get involved. May be your place of work will be willing to match any funds raised.

In the office we have a list of fundraising ideas – feel free to contact us.