Core Staff and Volunteers

Please feel free to look through the photos of our current staff and volunteers – as long as you don’t laugh too much!

Kelly J


Kelly Bob

Kelly W


Pam Jones, Charity Manager – Pam has been the Family Services Manager with Forest Pulse for over 25 years. Pam is the main point of contact for parents who want advice and support and for professionals wanting to use the services provided by the charity. She is also responsible for developing new initiatives so if there is anything you want to see the charity provide please let her know. When not in the office Pam can often be found at activities bobbing around and singing out of tune. She is always on the go but can always be tempted for a chat and a coffee.

Kim Jones, Activity Manager - Kim has been involved with the charity for many years and first started volunteering over 15 years ago and has been in her current role since 2008. Kim organises all our activities, and is responsible for staff and volunteers so if you would like to access any activities or would like to volunteer please contact her. Kim is based in the office during the week, but can also be found at most of our activities. She and is best known for her ditzy comments and bad jokes, but her dance moves are always quite unique as well!

Jean Wilkinson, Administrative Assistant – Jean has been with the Charity for a few years and can be found in the office making sure everything runs smoothly and keeping Pam and Kim in check. She often comes along to activities to take the registers and get to know everyone.

Sian Coopey - Activity Leader - Sian was a volunteer with Forest Pulse over ten years ago but has recently come back - we must be that wonderful she couldn't stay away! Sian can be found at most activities with a huge smile and a fab sense of humor.

Carly Whittington, Activity Leader – Carly first started with Forest Pulse as a volunteer in 2006, and became involved in all aspects of the charity. There are not many activities she is not involved in! During the day Carly works at a local special school, and has lots of skills and experience. Carly is a fun and energetic member of our team and can always be bribed with a bar of chocolate or some sour sweets!

Amy,Sammy and Gemma, Activity Workers – Amy, Sammy and Gemma have all been involved with Forest Pulse for at least five years. Between them they help out at dance, youth club and weekend activities as well as during the Summer. They are all known for their dedication to the charity, and smiley faces.

Molly and Pippa, Activity Workers – Pippa and Molly have been involved a couple of years, helping out at Weekend Club and during the School Holidays, bringing lots of enthusiasm and energy to the sessions.

Kelly W and Kelly-Bob, Activity Workers – Both girls (‘The Kellys’!) can be found at many of our activities such as music, youth, weekend and holiday clubs. Kelly-Bob first became involved as a dancer with our inclusive dance project about five years ago and now works on a regular basis as a dance tutor and activity worker at most of our activities alongside the very glam Kelly!

Luca, Kirsty, Beth and Grace - Activity Workers – All four girls started as volunteers and can be found at our weekend and holiday activities. Theyall seem to have never-ending energy and are always on the go.

Kelly J and Danja - Activity Workers – All three lovely ladies have been involved with the charity for years and still come back as Activity Workers in the Summer and also act as bank workers. We are really grateful for the time they have given over the years.

Bex, Lizzy, Emilie and Hannah S - Activity Workers. All these lovely ladies are now part of the team and between them can be found at most activities; Forest Friends, Whirlikidz, Dance, Music and Weekend and holiday activities.

Ava and Jane - Activity Tutors – Jane Butler is our music tutor and Ava runs our Dance sessions. Both ladies have been involved with Forest Pulse for many years and we are so grateful for all of their support.

Jess and Kelly M - Volunteers - These superstars give their time on a regular basis to the charity. Jess and Kelly can be found at music they all have very busy lives and we are very grateful to have such inspirational young ladies as volunteers.

Cara, Charlie, Becky D, Callum, Millie, Andy and Alexi -Volunteers – These wonderful young people all volunteer on a weekly basis at various activities including, after school and weekend clubs and youth club.

Luke, Rachel and Jack, Assistant Volunteers – This inspirational group first became involved with Forest Pulse many years ago when they came along as members themselves. They now help out on a weekly basis at Weekend and holiday activities and are a huge help especially as they know the charity so well and can share their experiences.

Deb Volunteer administrative assistant – Deb is one of our parents who comes into the office every week and helps restore calm in the office with her bubbly personality and fantastic organisational skills.

Graham, Bruce and Ken, Volunteer Drivers – This troublesome trio volunteer to drive the mini-buses at our weekly youth club and ensure that lots of young people from the Forest are able to attend and meet up with their friends. Without these fantastic men we know a lot of young people would miss out on one of their only social activities.

We also have lots of other volunteers not mentioned here who help out on a less regular basis but who are just as valued and essential to the provision of our services.