Who We Are and What We Do

Forest Pulse is a local registered charity, which supports families living in the Forest of Dean who have a child with disabilities. The Charity is run by a group of trustees, mainly parent members, who form the management committee.

Take a listen to what some our young people have produced during their creative music sessions


Family Support

Parents can contact the Charity Manager to discuss any aspects relating to the care of their children – we won’t know the answer to everything, but hopefully will know someone who does. Issues might include benefit applications, contacts for other services, grants for equipment, holidays etc, statementing, respite, behaviour issues, out of school activities – anything anyone wants to know more about really! Or perhaps just to meet other parents in a similar position.Summer Activity Club

A varied programme of activities including arts and crafts, music, sport, circus skills and animation as well as free play and organised games. Above all, it is a chance for children to make new friends and meet up with old ones during the long school holidays. Experienced staff supervise a core of volunteers from the local community to ensure all children have the support they need to take part in any of the activities they choose. Young people are split into two groups and are entitled to come along to up to ten days spread over four weeks. The club runs Monday to Friday, 10am to 3:45pm and is held at Heart of the Forest Community Special School. In addition, activities are held during most of the shorter holidays.

Family Trips

To places such as soft play centres, swimming centres and farm parks. Trips give parents the chance to meet and chat, give the children chance to have fun with their friends, and brothers and sisters the chance to join in the treat. Family Social Events such as discos, line dancing, etc are also held periodically.

Bream ‘Devils’ An integrated Youth Club held on Thursday evenings at Bream Community Centre. The club is open to any young person aged between 13 and 19 who lives in the Forest of Dean, and transport which can be provided from most areas of the forest. As well as a chance to meet friends, young people help plan an interesting and varied programme of activities including games, sports, music, dance, outdoor adventure etc, all of which are accessible to everyone. Click here to view the current programme. Independence Projects

An independence building project, which helps young people develop skills to access mainstream community activities in small groups with discreet support. These activities are held throughout the year and past trips have included bowling, the cinema, going out for meals, shopping, visits to zoos and theme parks, pottery and lots more. After School Club

Our After school club runs term-time on Wednesdays with young people aged 6-13 travel by bus to Whirlikidz in Chepstow where they have lots of fun burning energy on the soft play equipment, socializing with their friends. We pause for a cooked meal, when children can develop skills needed to ‘dine out’. Please see table below for dates:

Term Dates
Term 1   18th September 2019 - 23rd October 2019
Term 2   13th Novemeber 2019 - 13th December 2019
Term 3   15th January 2020 - 12th February 2020
Term 4  

4th March 2020 - 1st April 2020

Term 5   29th April 2020 - 20th May 2020
Term 6   10th June 2020 - 8th July 2020

Performing Arts

The very exciting group is person centred, with the understanding that everyone's ability and learning style is unique, with sessions tailored to their needs. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore movement and develop acting skills. The group is held on a Wednesday, 6:15pm - 7:15pm. The dates are the same as the After school Club (above).

Music sessions

Weekly music sessions for children and young people with disabilities aged 4 and upwards. Our wonderful teacher Jane uses specialist equipment and techniques to allow young people to create their own music. Held at Heart of the Forest School, 3pm - 5:30pm on Fridays during term-time. Our amazing teacher Lee supports our members to improve their skills on a specific instrument and to create their own music. Held at Heart of the Forest School, 4pm - 5pm on Fridays during term-time.

Term Dates
Term 1   20th September 2019 - 23rd October 2019
Term 2   13th November 2019 - 11th December 2019
Term 3   15th January 2020 - 12th February 2020
Term 4   4th March 2020 - 3rd April 2020
Term 5   1st May 2020 - 22nd May 2020
Term 6   12th June 2020 - 10th July 2020


Weekend Activity Club

We have two Activity Clubs which are held on alternate Saturdays. The two sessions are held at Heart of the Forest school. The first session runs 10am – 3pm and is primarily aimed at young people 12+. The second group is for those aged 6 - 11 years and runs from 10:30am - 1:30pm. There are a variety of activities on offer such as art and craft, soft play, music, dance and much more.

The dates for both groups for the next academic year are:

21st September 2019

5th and 19th October 2019

16th and 30th November 2019

14th December 2019

11th and 25th January 2020

8th February 2020

7th and 21st March 2020

4th April 2020

2nd and 16th May 2020

13th and 27th June 2020

11th July 2020

Forest Friends

Forest Friends - A group for our 19+ members to not only have a wonderful time catching up with friends, playing pool, doing art etc. but to also learn a variety of skills from writing CVs, social skills, basic cooking, money handling and lots more. The club is held every Monday, 6.30 – 8.30, at The Main Place in Coleford. Click here to view the current programme.

Sibling Project 

We aim to plan to organise trips/social events/activity sessions for those young people who have a brother or sister with a disability on a termly basis (approx. every 6 weeks) These sessions will not only be fun and exciting for those involved but also a chance for young people to meet others who also have a sibling with a disability, share experiences and make new friends. Please contact the office if you would like more information. Take a look at our upcoming activities.  

Please note that all activities (Forest Friends exempt) are invoiced on a termly basis. Payment will be expected to be made even if your child does not attend, unless they have pre-planned respite or a hospital appointment/admission.